Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dengan Nama Allah...

Assalamaualaikum :)
Saya mulakan dgn bismillah hari ni. We learnt about it since kindergarten... to start things with bismillah. One of simple things that we tend to forget. Only that its not that simple... its too huge to be simple. To feel wholeheartedly and to declare... oh Im doing this for with Allah's name, its like doing what we should do, to live and to die for him. And what more fitting than to always remind ourselves in our intention?

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w yang ertinya, " Tiap-tiap pekerjaan yang dicita-cita yang tiada dimulai padanya dengan Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, maka iaitu terpotong, yakni tiada berkat padanya."

So, start your day with bismillah... and be thankful to be alive for another day. Start every things, small or big with bismillah. for doctors like me... remember to say it before every procedures, remind ourselves why we are doing the job, its not only cause a job that we are paid for, we should be consciously be doing things for Allah... can you see, that way we become more "ikhlas"? Will you "main-main" or "malas-malas" for Allah? Personally when i remembers and say bismillah out loud in front of patient before doing things eg. insert branula, take blood or do VE... 1. I personally felt ready, not in a rush, like saying bismillah served as a flagpost, it marks a start. 2. The patient seems more calm, somehow, perhaps for the first reason, and perhaps for the fact that they are reminded of Allah too?

Berani ke... say bismillah and sengaja do things sloopily? Not to standard? Its like implying im doing sloopy thing in the name of God.  If we are so used to say bismillah... I can see that we will strive to do our best in everything we do. And... if we say bismillah before everything takkan kita nk buat perkara berdosa pulak kan? Takkan you nk start perkara durjana/dosa dgn bismillah. Preposterous! So can you see how simply remembering Allah can dramatically change you? Best giler kan!

Okay... simple je tonight. Ingatan buat diri sendiri je ni.  Anything nk tambah or tegur just do it. Dah lama tak ke majlis ilmu, agak kering jugak dah ni.

See you all again later! Insya Allah!

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